This permanent exhibition holds deep significance as it represents an extraordinary gallery of the masterpieces of select world-renowned book artists who infuse their passions and thoughts into Man’s best companion: the book. Thought to have been in use as early as 3000 years ago, books played a unique role in history as a receptacle for human ideas and heritage. They are an art form in their own right where image and text work together in harmony to spell out the message. Different crafts were developed to serve printing, decoration, design, binding, gilding, restoration, and the creation of abstract forms.

The artist's book exhibition presents the artists' creative work embodied in books. The language of art has interacted with drawings, scripts and paper in order to enhance the value of the artist book and the book of artists. It is the fruit of an enlightened idea on whose basis the Arts Center established an international biennale for the "artist’s book" and another for "imagining the book". The aim was to highlight the progress of this art form in the world, and to introduce our national production in this field to artists, critics, experts, and patrons of contemporary art all over the world.