The Manuscripts Museum (MsM) is a vital department affiliated to the Cultural Outreach Sector and is characterized by an educational, cultural, and academic nature. The MsM operates through different sections that develop an advanced scientific cognitive approach. These sections cooperate in harmony to form this integrated system which started in 2001 according to Law No. 1 of the year 2001 (Article 2) concerning the Library of Alexandria and was completed according to the Presidential Decree No. 269 on 12 September 2002 concerning the establishment of the Manuscripts Museum Hall.

The vision of the MsM can be summarized in concentrating all efforts and human and material resources to serve visitors and researchers. It aims to introduce, save, and maintain heritage, rare manuscripts, and books following sound scientific methods for all age groups in society. The MsM also aims at cooperation and scientific exchange in the field of manuscripts with similar museums and centers all over the world. Additionally, the MsM aims to develop and train cadres in the fields of conservation and restoration of manuscripts. Also, it aims to transfer expertise in the fields of restoration and environmental conservation to young restorers in regional and international institutions in order to create a generation of new restorers who play their roles within their institutions through training courses and workshops. The MsM provides the largest possible number of digital manuscripts from all over the world and makes them available to researchers in an appropriate medium.