Nagy Shaker’s name has been associated with puppet theater since its early beginnings in Egypt, as he contributed to the emergence of the Egyptian puppet theater. He participated in presenting several important works for the Cairo Puppet Troupe by designing marionettes of Al-Shater Hassan, Bent Al-Sultan, El-Leila El-Kebira, Shehab Al-Din’s Donkey, and Madinat Al-Ahlam. He also contributed to enriching the Egyptian theater by set and costume designs for several distinguished plays, such as Sahra Ma’ Al-Garima, Al-Zir Salem, Al-Zefaf, Al-Kol Fi Wahed, Shoghl Aragozat, and finally Al-Ghorba.

He worked on the experimental film Saif 70, which is now among the acquisitions of The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York. He also provided artistic supervision and designed the set and costumes of Shafiqa w Metwally film. In addition, he continued his researches in theater and lighting techniques.

Moreover, he excelled in the field of graphic design where he designed a large number of logos, film posters, a large number of book covers, as well as illustrations in several magazines.

Nagy Shaker continued to achieve more successes in the fields of puppetry, theater, cinema, and advertising, expressing the spirit of adventure in the quest for experimentation and discovery.

Nagy Shaker was honored at various international events, and received the State Appreciation Award in 2015.