Initiated by University of Pittsburgh and mirrored at the BA, the Supercourse, an online repository encompassing more than 3,600 PowerPoint lectures on epidemiology and preventive medicine, represented a useful tool for at least one million students around the globe. It also represented a well-established starting point which triggered the emergence of the new Science Supercourse, an online repository of lectures freely available online for academics in four major fields of science; Public Health, Computer Engineering, Agriculture and Environment. The aim of the new Science Supercourse is the avail online accessible educational resources to empower academic students and educators worldwide. The BA has developed a new interactive platform for science supercourse deploying more functionalities, personalized experience and interactive features through a convenient user access. Through the system, users may have access to more than 169,000 searchable PowerPoint lectures where they may search the overall repository of search keywords within lectures. The system also allows registered users to customize the content on the repository as per their interest. For example, they may create their own presentations by compiling slides from different lectures, have a list of favorite lectures, receive RSS feeds and bookmark certain slides. The system acts as a platform for scientists to upload and share their lectures online. Science Supercourse also contains a special section for Legacy Lectures, which encompasses; Nobel, Just-in-time, and Golden lectures authored by various eminent lecturers, in addition to a series of lectures authored by members from the National Academy of Sciences, National Institutes of Health, and Institutes of Medicine.